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Exero Vet Takes Tennessee

Filming At The University of Tennessee’s College of Veterinary Medicine

Recently Pyxis’ Exero Vet film team took a trip to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tennessee. This school is a shining example of what it means to truly “get it”. From the top-down, there is a focus on bettering the education of students by leveraging the technology

and services available to them. This understanding not only resulted in our first trip to film at Tennessee, but while there, we also set a new company record for footage captured in one visit.

Vet Med Videos You Will Not Want to Miss

All of this being said, we have some incredible videos now in post-production and we are thrilled to share them with you. Coming soon:

  • Transpalpebral Enucleation (Canine)

  • Stallion Semen Collection

  • Shelter Med Feline and Canine Spays and Neuters

  • Sheep Necropsy (Several Videos)

  • Plus Over 40 More!

How do we shoot so much footage? It starts with faculty buy-in. The UTK faculty engagement with the Exero Vet team was the highest we have ever experienced and the desire to incorporate Oculus headsets to support our videos was through the roof. This buy-in started with Dean Thompson, DVM, PHD and Associate Dean (at the time), Claudia Kirk, DVM. The two of them were able to see Exero Vet for what it is, a veterinary video phenomenon on the verge of exploding. On this trip the University of Tennessee School of Veterinary Medicine became the fifth school to participate in the Exero Vet video database (now at seven schools and growing).

It was refreshing to not have to sell a free video service to a school. Additionally, the school has a wiz of all things tech and video, Royal Paschall, who looked at us as a resource that could make his life easier rather than a threat to his job. The combination of Royal’s support and the administration's buy-in allowed us to hop from department to department picking up amazing footage.

Not Just Work

A great Exero Vet trip is one part quality video capturing and one part sightseeing. I love exploring the sights and sounds of the cities and towns that are home to our vet school partners. Knoxville, TN did not disappoint. With a booming downtown, Knoxville has everything you could want from a small city. We highly recommend Knox Whiskey Works and Balter Beerworks, they both offer wonderful handcrafted beverages and they are only steps away from each other.

Additionally, nature lovers are a short drive away from the Smoky Mountains. We spent the day just north of the city visiting friends and family in Norris, TN and walking around the woods. It was a perfect way to recharge and reset before continuing on filming.

Coming Soon!

So when can you expect these new videos to hit the VIN and Exero Vet servers? We are aiming to have these ready by sometime in mid-September but as you know, a lot of variables are out of our control, so we shall see. Until then, make sure you are keeping up with all the new additions to the database by heading to Exero Vet's Database page.

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