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Frequently asked questions

How do I get an Exero Vet account?

Exero Vet videos can be

How does my school become an Exero Vet school?

For Real

Where can I watch the videos?

Exero Vet videos can be viewed on our mobile app (iOS and Android) and on our website, www.exerovet.com.

What are the different ways I can watch the videos?

Great question! We love the fact that you can watch Exero Vet videos in so many different ways. 1) On your phone in the "magic window." This is like a normal video but if it's VR you can use your finger to change your perspetive. This is important if you'd like to see more than one view. 2) On your phone in a Google Cardboard compatible headset. 3) On your computer in the "magic window." Much like your phone, make sure you click and drag to view as much of the video as possible. 4) On a teathered Occulus Rift. Make sure you are using a compatible browser first.