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3 Videos for Every Year of Vet School

Exero Vet started out with just 12 videos, which at the time, was an important number for us. Fast forward six years, and now we have over 400 videos. But you know, that number is still important to us. So, based on feedback from current and former vet students, we took the liberty of making a little list of 12 videos that might be helpful to you wonderful students in each year of study. Are they all that you’ll need? Heavens no. And you know better than to ask. But are they a good handful to start the ball rolling on everything the Exero Vet database has to offer? You betcha!

Year One - Labs Labs Labs

  1. Wet Mount (ORST) - Loose stool? For once, that's no problem with this simple, fast, and effective fecal diagnostic.

  2. Blood Smear: Slide Prep (LMU) - Make Dexter proud by getting better at Blood Slide Prep.

  3. Centrifuged Packed Cell Volume (LMU) - Spin em right round, right round. Cause you gotta get em separated.

Year Two - Getting A Handle On Things

  1. SA General Physical Exam (TUFTS) - Technically not one video but an in-depth series covering a complete General Exam with the cutest little beagle pupper you ever did see.

  2. Eye Exam (UTK) - Take a closer look at those peepers.

  3. Simple Interrupted Suture Pattern (MSState) - Learn and practice your bread-and-butter suture pattern.

Year Three - Hands Are Getting Dirtier… We Have Videos For That!

  1. Abdominal Surgical Prep SA (LSU) - Not to be confused with abominable surgical prep.

  2. Sterile Patient Prep (MSState) - No belly rubs… well ok belly rubs. But keep it clean!

  3. Surgeons Scrub (MSState) - It takes longer than singing happy birthday.

Year Four - This time, It's Personal

  1. Easy Pedicle Tie (UTK) - It says easy… we’ll take their word for it.

  2. Ovariohysterectomy (LSU) - Not a joking matter.

  3. Closed Castration (LMU) - Still not a joking matter.

All joking aside, there are so many videos that could be helpful no matter what your year. We encourage you to check them out, as they are all available to all students right now for FREE! All you need is your VIN credentials (VIN accounts are also free to all students) and use that to log into the Exero Vet app, which is available on all Android and Apple Mobile devices. Vet students are the reason we even exist at as a company. We are extremely grateful to all of you and your wonderful instructors who devote your time, energy, and lives to the care and health of animals. It will continue to be our privilege to add more videos to the database to help your pursuit in every way we can devise. Have a wonderful spring!

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