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Exero Vet Now on Meta App Lab

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

As the Exero Vet database continues to grow every year, Pyxis continues to make other great improvements to the app as well. We are excited to announce that Exero Vet can now be found on the App Lab for the Meta Quest 2 (formerly Oculus Quest 2).

What is the App Lab?

The App Lab gives Quest users and developers an alternate non-store location for Quest content. Developers can use App Lab as an easy way to distribute and install experimental VR content from outside the Oculus Store. App Lab apps can be free or paid, with multiple easy installation options.

Downloading Exero Vet in the App Lab

If you are a veterinary school faculty member, student, or anyone interested in accessing Exero Vet content, you can find it on the App Lab by clicking below:

Users can locate the app by searching the normal app store within their Quest 2. From there, they will be prompted to accept that Exero Vet is part of the App Lab. After that you can either queue installation of App Lab content to your Quest via the Oculus app, or begin the installation manually inside the headset itself.

In the Oculus app, locate the App Lab content in your library, then hit the ‘Install on Headset’ or ‘Play Later’ button, pictured below, and choose the desired headset for installation. The Quest will begin installing Exero Vet in the background, ready for your next VR study session.

Accessing Exero Vet Elsewhere

If you're interested in finding Exero Vet vet med videos on platforms other than the App Lab, you can download our app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Explore our entire video database on our website, subscribe to our newsletter for all of the latest updates and contact us if you're interested in having Exero Vet film at your school.

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