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  • Michael Krikorian

Leavin' Home, Out On The Road

Well well well, don’t look now (if you do, wear sunglasses), but summer is here. Schools are letting out, grills are firing up, baseball is in full swing *ducks*, and the sun is turning from pleasant and bright to… not so pleasant and on fire. This is a big reason why I am excited about our summer travels to film for Exero Vet. This summer, we are once again going coast to coast to film. Literally, at the very least, it's a chance to sample other, less oppressive climates. But we always look forward to whatever adventures we may find across this great country of ours. Jared and I have a few traditions we like to adhere to every year, which breaks up the long work days. Visiting breweries to sample the local liquid culture, figuring out where the best BBQ is, hiking, hotel room cooking, and of course, going to baseball games. It’s so cool that this business we started affords us, not only to do work we are passionate about, but also to do and see things we enjoy in a “foreign” land. However, some places are less foreign because we’ve been afforded the privilege of going back several times. So it’s neat to revisit our favorite spots.

One Final Round

Our schedule this summer is, thankfully, a busy one. We will be filming in Worcester, MA, at Tufts, and UTK in Knoxville, TN both for the third time. As many of you know, we typically will take a break from a school after three consecutive summers of filming there. So for these two gems, it’s not goodbye but more like a “see you later.”

A New Addition

In addition, we shall be returning for a second round at UC Davis and starting a brand new chapter in Pullman, WA, at Washington State. We have been working on getting everything in order to get up to Washington State for a couple of years now, so it’s super exciting we finally get to make the trip up there.

Bonus Trip

As a bonus, Pyxis is a sponsor at the VHMA conference in Phoenix. While this isn’t directly related to Exero Vet it is still a part of our busy summer. If you want to know what we will be doing there, check out the Pyxis Pro website. The filming blocks at all these schools have been filling up fast, which brings a smile to our faces and puts a spring in our steps. It’s a testament to how far we’ve come and that we are continuing to build something that more and more students, faculty members, schools, and professionals are seeing the value therein.

So cheers to another summer of adventures. May the ballgames be exciting, the food delicious, and the flights short and without delay. Really hoping that the last one isn’t too bad. But what can you do?

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