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  • Michael Krikorian

Exero Vet Has A New Spring In Its Step!!

This is an exciting month for us. It seems like everything is growing, and new things are popping up every day, like daisies in spring! We have new schools that we get to work with, new videos from last year still rolling out, and the Exero Vet app is popping out fresh and newly updated!

The New Update Includes The Following:

  • Improved layout to get users to the videos faster

  • A brand new Favorites List feature

  • Smother and more efficient video filtering

  • Improved video player

  • Updated and improved auto resolution

  • Significant improvements on scrubbing capabilities

  • Some minor cosmetic changes

Click the link below to take a brief tour!

Since its inception, Exero Vet’s purpose has been to provide students, instructors, and practicing vets with another useful tool in their bag. We are excited to keep evolving and working to make Exero Vet the best it can be. We already have a full summer of filming scheduled, so we will be adding dozens of new videos to the database over the coming months. And it excites us that users will get to see them all in the newly updated app.

If you don’t have the mobile app, you can download it now and try it out for yourself! It’s available on all Apple and Android mobile devices. As always, access to the Exero Vet app is FREE to all VIN members and can be accessed using your VIN login Credentials. Be sure to follow us so you can stay up to date! Thank you to everyone for their continued support over the years, especially our friends at VIN. Have a good one!

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