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Exero Vet, a virtual reality veterinary medicine app, enhances the classroom learning experience for vet students and doctors by allowing users immediate access to a visual learning experience with first-person point of view and high quality demonstrations.

By recording surgical and procedural demonstration videos from a first-person perspective, students can manipulate their view and get an up close demonstration without any visual obstacles. The best part, it can be viewed as many times as needed with or without a VR headset.

Exero Vet is partnered with several veterinary college programs, including LSU, UT, LMU, Oregon State, and Mississippi State. Each university provides their own unique library of videos catered to the learning experience and technique style in their program.

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Veterinary students can browse all videos for free on VIN from all partnered schools, as well as through the Exero Vet application available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. We hope to continue to expand our platform and bring awareness to other veterinary colleges and students who desire to integrate a unique virtual reality tool for learning and reviewing on demand outside the classroom. With the involvement of a student representative(s), we can ensure that Exero Vet will become a vital tool inside and outside of the classroom for all stages of the veterinary career. 


Our student representative program aims to give students more hands-on learning time with our virtual reality mobile app, while also being a key resource for students and faculty. This can be done via the promotion of the use of Exero Vet during club-coordinated events, emails, with a social media presence, and one formal presentation held for demonstration purposes to freshmen students each year.

Exero Vet Student Rep

Goals and Benefits

The mission of the Exero Vet student representatives is to educate, encourage, and engage students as well as instructors, to utilize Exero Vet as a vital innovative tool for instruction in the classroom, and in practice.​​


Student representatives are expected to:

  • Be first or second year vet students

  • Promote Exero Vet and its educational benefits in club meetings such as SCAVMA, Surgery Club, Anatomy Club, etc. 

  • Send out emails/ newsletters to your class promoting videos pertaining to relevant topics in class for additional study materials

  • Communicate with a Pyxis/Exero Vet partner via email and phone for updates

  • Hold at least one formal presentation during fall semester to introduce Exero Vet to freshmen

  • Hold at least one lunch/dinner presentation per semester to incorporate Exero Vet into the learning tool box. (This could be something as simple as adding Exero Vet to your surgery club’s existing wet lab and opening it up to everyone)

Our biggest goal is for you to use your free subscription as a way to let as many students and doctors experience the benefits and “cool” factor of Exero Vet VR as often as possible.

Exero Vet student representatives will receive:

  • Free Exero Vet account

  • VR headset

  • T-shirt

  • Name tag

  • Talk with your advisors about Exero Vet and how valuable a resource it is for students and teachers alike

  • Promote Pyxis and Exero Vet on social media by liking and sharing posts

  • Advertise for your replacement when your term as an Exero Vet student representative is coming to an end

  • Be a resource for students and faculty who have questions about Exero Vet, answering questions and settling concerns to the best of your ability​​

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