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6 Tips For Graduating Veterinarians

It’s that time of year again! Graduation. Vet students nationwide will soon be out of the bubble and looking to make their next steps. It’s an exciting time, but it can also be a scary time. There are decisions to make and so many unknowns it can be very overwhelming. Exero Vet was conceived to aid current vets as students as well as vets in their post-academic careers. In that spirit, our very own Dr. Amy Stanton, an LSU graduate who pretty much inspired this entire thing that we do, has some thoughtful tips and wisdom about life as a vet post-graduation.

Take it away, Dr. Amy!


"In school, it feels like you have to do an internship to do anything else. That’s not the case. An internship is helpful and lets you explore many different areas of medicine, but it's not a requirement. Many jobs these days offer mentorship while gaining work experience, but you need to seek out those opportunities. An internship and experience are required to move forwards with a residency, but those are not your only options. You can go into private practice, industry, food supply, military, government, academia, or even politics. You are not limited by your degree. It can open many doors depending on your interests.”

If you do go into practice right out of veterinary school, here are some things to keep in mind:

1) Do What's Best For You

It’s ok to take time to figure out what job you want. You can also take a job to see if it's the right fit, but be mindful of what is in your contract. Your employer may want you to be there for a year or longer. There may also be a non-compete clause that may limit where you can work if you quit that job.

2) Take Your Time

You are going to be slow at first. It is ok. You are new. Give yourself the space to grow and learn. It takes time to get comfortable. (always easier said than done)

3) Ask Other Veterinarians Questions

It is ok to ask questions. You are not going to remember everything you learned in vet school. Nobody’s brain is that big. If it is great for you, but that's not most people. Look it up, and make your cheat sheets. Do what is going to make you comfortable, but in the end, it's okay to ask questions.

4) Don't Forget About The Client

Treat the patient and client. Not literally, but remember, the best-made plans mean nothing if your client is not on board with you. You can practice the best medicine and give all the top-notch treatment plans you want. However, the client will be paying for and implementing your patient’s overall care and well-being. Educate them on why they choose these things, and you will get more compliance.

5) Take It Easy On Yourself

There will be hard days. You will make a mistake. You will not always be correct. It's not the end of the world. You are human, and we have all been there. It will be ok. Chances are your new colleagues will have similar stories from when they were first starting out. They will also be able to support you when needed. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for that support.

6) Time Builds Confidence

Fake it till you make it - I hate this phrase. It's ok to do this until you have that confidence, but you're not faking it; you are building confidence. You did all the hard work already by going to vet school. You learned a lot. Now it's time to practice medicine. That’s being a doctor. Much of what you need to know is already there in you. You just have to give yourself space and time to let it evolve. Think of all the doctors you have met, all the ones that have inspired you to get this far. Use that to embody the type of medicine you want to practice and the type of doctor you want to be.”

“P.S. - The AVMA career center is a great way to explore jobs and help you get an idea of what is out there.”


Thank you so much, Dr. Amy!

All of us at Pyxis want to send the warmest wishes of congratulations and the very best of luck to all the graduating vets out there. Thank you for your passion and dedication to this profession and to the animals of the world.

Y’all are the best!

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