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Well, here we are in August. The summer is blazing forth, and before we have a chance to wipe the sweat from our brows, we are off unto the blaze once more. Currently, our fearless leader Jared, having driven from the crack of dawn, is in The Volunteer State working with the folks at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. And as soon as he returns late Friday, we fly out Saturday morning to journey to Pullman, Washington, for our first film trip to Washington State University. It is, suffice to say, a very busy month. Which we are grateful for, and there will be plenty of time to hear more about these current and upcoming adventures in the coming weeks. However, we would be remiss if we didn’t recap the adventure we returned from as it was a trip that earned its due.

Traveling these days is a stressful event, especially with all of the gear and cases we have to travel with. Delays, cancellations, lost or missing bags, or cases plague us all the way to our destination. We’ve learned over the years more and more to try and put it out of our mind once we are in the air, only to hold our breath watching the carousel go round upon arrival. Like everyone, we’ve had any manner of the aforementioned calamities happen over our travels. This is why it was so refreshing to have everything go, for all intents and purposes, smoothly to and from Davis, California. There were no delays in our flights, our gear arrived intact, and we had no issues with the rental car. Nowadays, having all those things come up in our favor is tough odds. We will take it. Especially with how much we were able to accomplish and do. It was a lovely blessing to begin and end with, and we were very thankful.

While at UC Davis, we were able to do a great deal of fantastic work with some amazing people. Not only that but through their support and commitment, we were able to jam the week with new videos for the database. We started things off with a live Equine Exam, which we’ve wanted to add for a long time. Working with live animals is always a challenge, especially.

when they are large and would prefer to be doing something else or have their own ideas about what to add to the video. In any case, it’s all a challenge, and it’s so amazing to see how things turn out. We also were able to grab a whole series of procedures with a pig which is a brand new species for us to add to the database. That, along with more fantastic canine behavioral and training videos. We even expanded our anatomy arsenal with videos noting canine cranial structure.

Aside from filming with the vet school, which was a pleasure, it was also a pleasure to spend some quality time with the wonderful people at VIN. We were able to see their offices, have some fun on the river, share a slice, and see their setup for their Behavior CE conference, which was impressive. As always, they were generous, gracious, and made us feel like family. It was great to finally meet many of them in person and make new friends. We very much look forward to seeing them all again next year.

California offers many excursions and experiences to enjoy, and when we go on any trip, we make it a point to go and do what we can; otherwise, things get really monotonous fast. We took advantage of being out west and away from the pressure cooker of southern Louisiana weather. Breweries, burgers, a few cool evenings outside, Oppenheimer in one of the few IMAX 70MM theaters in the country, and capping it off with a lovely jaunt up to wine country make long work trips feel a little shorter and more enjoyable. Something that Jared, from the beginning, has made a priority in order to keep things exciting and fun. This is why our past and future travels are things we look forward to and fondly remember.

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