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The Wild West 2: The Revisiting - Summer Travel Preview

Well it’s that time again. Gear is being checked and organized, repairs are being made, replacement parts ordered, flights and hotels have been booked, and cars have been rented. Every year when our summer travels creep up on it there’s always a healthy mix of excitement and sprinkle of anxiety. We enjoy the journey, filming new subjects, working with familiar faces we haven’t seen, experiencing a different setting, are all things that are exciting. But the stress and uncertainty of what curveballs we will likely get while traveling and filming can make anyone a little anxious. There are a lot of moving parts, with getting the gear together and to the locations, making our shooting schedule, figuring out how we are going to capture what we need, planning setups, hotels, planes, trains, and automobiles are just a few of the little variables that contribute to the journey.

It is a really satisfying experience when all things are considered. After over 5 years of traveling to film in the summers, part of what still makes the work, stress, and sweat worthwhile and enjoyable, is the simple fact that we are still afforded the privilege to do this thing that was once just an idea. From the start, making our trips fun, is something that our fearless leader, Jared, has made a top priority. We know we won't do this forever, so we make every effort to savor whatever we can. Every journey is its own story and we look forward to what the next one will be. Having said all of that, here are the places we will be traveling to (again) this summer and a couple of highlights from past trips.

On Deck:

July 2024

Pros: Weather, weather, weather, breweries, VIN friends, close to wine country.

Cons: Can be hard to find food after 9pm.

We have super successful trips to film at UC Davis and are looking to go 3 for 3. The people we have been able to work with really have a great zest and feel for what we are trying to do and it's been great to see the variety of subjects that have been brought to us to film. Some of our favorite memories of our trips there have been, taking a day trip to wine country, seeing Oppenheimer in one of the few true IMAX 70mm theaters, Old Sacramento, and filming our first microbiology videos using an electron microscope. Also Davis may have my personal favorite statue ever seen at a vet school.

In The Hole:

August 2024

Pros: Ferdinand’s Ice Cream Shoppe, Cougar Gold (IYKYK), all the amber waves of grain.

Cons: Rouge heat waves, lack of belief in A/C.

Last summer was our first time out in Pullman and it was a great experience. We filmed a nice variety of videos during the week while we were there including: live spays/neuters, cardiology, and a good handful of rehabilitation videos. We began our trip up to the northwest by starting in Seattle and driving literally across the entire state to get to Pullman. That drive was so very memorable as it started out with spectacular scenery and then it all dissolved into the epitome of being the middle of nowhere with nothing but golden hills for as far as the eye could see. This time we won’t be making that exact trek, but we are definitely going to get some more huckleberry ice cream from Ferdinand’s, and stock up on Cougar Gold to bring home.

Extra Innings:

We do have one trip slated for the Pyxis side of things in September where once again we will be attending and getting our booth on in Charlotte, NC for the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association Conference. We will be showing off the newly updated Pyxis Pro app for vet clinics. We debuted our new learning management system (LMS) last year at VHMA, and the response was amazing. It was great to feel like we were working to meet a genuine need of the industry, just like we did when we were first building Exero Vet. Our subscriptions are growing, and we are stoked to talk about the new features and updates!

In the next weeks, we will still have new videos rolling off as we get prepped to travel so be sure to follow us to see what’s coming and for updates and pics of us as we travel. It is our sincere hope that everyone is enjoying their summer and making time to rest and refocus. That next semester flies up at you quickly, so be sure to stop and smell the cheeses and get some ice cream!

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